Stand with Me [Explicit]


written by L. Collinsworth and J. Collinsworth   


It’s a breeze. I can do this shit with ease. I rap so I can say what I please. 

It’s a breeze. Stand with me, please. I’m the summer breeze blowin’ through the trees. 

It’s a breeze. I’m gonna use my abilities to create a community of unity. 

Stand with me please and together everything will be a breeze.   

Let me regale ya. I respect rap so much that I’d inhale it 

It disturbs me and perturbs me when others show such disrespect 

So let me warn ya. I can lyrically impale ‘em and unveil ‘em 

They’ll be so condemned wishin’ they’d listened to Q-tip instead of the mayhem 

cuz Black Lives are not just a trending topic 

you don’t get to stand there filmin’ with your iphone in the myopic 

thinkin’ you’re some kinda hero cuz you marched ahead 

then you forget about it goin’ back to your white privilege bed 

while kids are dyin’ in the streets gettin’ shot in the head 

Our dictator keeps goin’ after immigrants and Isis but as far as I can see  

none of us are free cuz the worst terrorists around me  

are the white men in uniforms with the license and ability to assassinate anybody 

and the people that support these sanctioned murders in the name of democracy 

And yeah, I have a pussy but I am a force to be reckoned with 

let me make it plain, my brain combined with my pain and my abilities is insane 

I’m here to make a change and take this world to a better plane 

of existence I join the resistance, against racism, sexism, prejudice, and ignorance 

U.N.I.T.Y. let freedom live and never die, stand and fight for what is right 

Not what is considered to be appropriate for a white   

(Refrain x 2)   

Muthafuckas, black lives have always mattered to me  

well before I was part of the hip-hop industry 

I don’t own a single fuckin’ diamond and never will 

These bloody wars have taken 3.7 million 

African lives causing a slave trade that thrives 

So all of you out there who say you are pro-black lives 

take a look at your ring finger today and expose your own lies 

cuz you can have a symbol of love and life  

without havin’ someone’s blood to linger as your prize 

and just how many black women, men, and children 

have to die to make a studded pendant for America’s vanity to be satisfied 

My rhymes are about a woman’s range  

and my pangs to make change and my ability to rearrange 

the cultural perception of what is real and what is right  

I refuse to join the trivial fight over who’s the rap queen  

cuz I know Latifah will always reign 

and like Steve Aoki I don’t want no beef 

just give me the kief    


Now it’s time to impeach those in power who only care about personal gain 

because ruining the lives of others is not a fuckin’ game

 I will sit with Rosa Parks in the front of the bus 

and tell Emmett Till that he can whistle at me at will 

I would never have let that horror happen to him no matter what 

I can’t believe this shit is happening still 

God please tell MLK that he can soon stop rollin’ in his grave 

I promise to help save and return this world to the progressive 

not the regressive state we’re in today of the fake and disingenuous way 

but in a safe world where all our kids can together play   

(Refrain x 2)   

“Stand with Me” published by Jason Porter Collinsworth & Lara Marie Collinsworth (BMI)   

©2017 Jason Porter Collinsworth and Lara Marie Collinsworth. All rights reserved.