Slippery Slide [Explicit]


written by L. Collinsworth and J. Collinsworth

I’m gonna ride that slippery slide 

life’s a fun wet and wild ride 

I’m gonna ride that slippery slide 

you wanna ride that slippery slide 

I’m gonna ride that slippery slide 

life’s a fun wet and wild ride 

You wanna ride that slippery slide 

it’s a fun wet and wild ride   

I’m Summer D, the prodigy, the product and progeny of misogyny 

Ya see I’m the penultimate definition of irony just look at me 

I’m living proof that what they say to our youth is not in any way the fuckin’ truth 

If it was they would’ve already tied me in a booth and forced me to drink vermouth 

and made me work late at a fuckin’ job that I hate for some pittance of a wage 

thinkin’ I’m engaged in this bullshit life but really I’m enraged about being in a cage 

fightin’ and bitin’ I will claw my way to the top as I continue to drop 

hit after hit while tokin’ the good shit cuz my ride on that slippery slide don’t stop   

Refrain (x 4) 

I’m gonna ride that slippery slide 

Life’s a wet and wild ride 

I’m gonna ride that slippery slide 

You wanna ride that slippery slide?   

You wanna know what it’s like bein’ brought up in that middle trash white class society? 

They all sit around talkin’ shit ‘bout how they’re so much better than everybody 

They’ve been tryin’ to keep me down gatherin’ the town to stop me from bein’ me 

But they didn’t succeed and you want to know why it’s not because they didn’t fuckin’ try 

I’m the phoenix on the rise and nobody can justify controllin’ our lives 

So I’m here to tell you and everyone else it’s your own life to live, 

your slippery slide to ride how you want to ride with pride 

The only person who controls your life is you and you decide   

(Refrain x 4)   

The real question in life is what the fuck do you want for you 

cuz nobody knows you Like you do. 

There should be no hesitation in relation to what you pursue 

The high butterfly is my tattoo and freedom is my infinite fantasy 

I don’t deal well with authority tellin’ me who I can or can’t fuckin’ be 

So what’s your pipedream that multi million dollar mansion held in highest esteem? 

Livin’ that sunny sexy California beach dream sippin’ honey and sweet cream? 

Or is it ridin’ in a pimped out black Aston Martin Vanquish until you scream? 

If you can dream it, believe it. Work hard to achieve it. Then you will redeem it. 

Just look at me, I’m Summer D, a preeminent lady emcee 

I’m the illustrious and industrious lyricist from the West Coast trees 

Who will put the world down onto their knees cuz I know how to please 

And be pleased. I’m the girl who can ride and slide down that slippery slide 

With a wet and wild side I gotta switchblade for a tongue and dark hybrid eyes

and I’m rarely done my guy makes me come and come I’m his prize. 

When he dives inside I gasp and I sigh and then I scream and scream  

While I ride my hot wet waterslide wild ride dream to the extreme.   

(Refrain x 4)   

“Slippery Slide” published by Jason Porter Collinsworth & Lara Marie Collinsworth (BMI)

©2017 Jason Porter Collinsworth and Lara Marie Collinsworth. All rights reserved.