written by L. Collinsworth and J. Collinsworth   

The rebel angel rides tonight 

her iridescent wings in flight 

humanity’s pain in her sight 

understandin’ your plight and fright 

a world that is both dark and light 

realize this and you’ll find your bliss 

make the revolution persist 

the answers lie in what’s dismissed 

accept yourself for who you are 

reject people who try to scar 

and learn that the truly brilliant 

are confident and resilient   

Shut up, get to it 

Get up, let’s do it 

Take your mind, lose it 

that’s how we move it 

Angels in the skies 

will help you realize 

it’s time to defy 

all that is a lie 

It has to be you 

choosin’ to be true 

not some stupid crew 

without a damn clue 

Now it’s time to show 

You’ve got to let go 

The world wants your flow 

so make their minds blow 

I will not be who 

they all want me to 

All I am is me 

Open eyes and see   

Refrain (x 2) 

All my angels unite 

the bright light is Silverwhite 

Let’s go; let’s fight 

All my angels unite 

Take back the night 

with bright light that’s Silverwhite 

All my angels unite 

Let’s go; let’s fight   

It’s time to rise up and unite 

Against the soul darkening night 

See the world for what it’s truly 

Fight injustice; be unruly 

It’s time to eliminate hate 

Learn to acknowledge what is great 

and behead all the hidden snakes 

that lie in wait ready to make 

earthquakes, outbreaks, white cakes, heartaches 

cuz your happiness is at stake 

they will destroy you with venom 

until you are numb just like ‘em 

then you will succumb to the system 

truism of narcissism 

continuum of cynicism 

completely lacking the wisdom 

to figure out how to be free 

you’re bound by inequality 

the trust that your microcosm 

is reality not just some  

random fantasy with a drum 

pendulum that has never swung 

you want to be found, look around 

life’s a playground, time to rebound   

(Refrain x 2)     

“Silverwhite” published by Jason Porter Collinsworth & Lara Marie Collinsworth (BMI)   

©2017 Jason Porter Collinsworth and Lara Marie Collinsworth. All rights reserved.