Never Comin' Down [Explicit]


written by L. Collinsworth and J. Collinsworth   


ever come down 

I’m not gonna 

never ever, ever, ever 


not comin’ down 

I’m not gonna 

never ever, ever, ever   

I’m Summer Dazed and I’m fuckin’ proud to have my head in a cloud 

of Super Lemon Haze, rappin’ up on stage for the loud crazed crowd 

gone are the days where I’m just a little girl who’s not allowed 

to get blazed, and say what the fuck I feel, to be real, get that deal 

be the punk rap princess in the cannabis business, not to steal 

thunder but to ignite lightning in a frightening world to sever 

the ignorant artistic endeavors, see I’m always clever 

with a penchant for profanity despite my English degree 

so don’t play with me B I’m not tryin’ t’ be a fuckin’ Barbie 

I’m just me, Summer D, I’m gonna be exactly who you see 

A pot smokin’ hippie who’s a little bit trippy, with a lot of green 

new on the scene forever blowin’ up like a fuckin’ pipedream   

You should probably fuckin’ know that my flow will cause immediate vertigo 

I can’t hit it slow I just want to go, go, go keepin’ them on their fuckin’ toes 

All the while flyin’ high in the electric blue sky so they keep me on speed dial 

It’s okay for you to be in denial its not like you expected my wild style   

Refrain (x 2) 


ever come down 

I’m not gonna 

never ever, ever, ever 


flying so high 

I’m so high  

so very, very, fuckin’ high  


not comin’ down 

I’m not gonna 

never ever, ever, ever   

I’m in your sight as the fiery phoenix in the night a satirical temptress 

who is not at all tempestuous I’m not tryin’ to distress but to impress 

I refuse to participate in bullshit games and be trapped in a little box 

with a pink bow around my throat as they accuse me of being unorthodox 

I’m that electroshock paradox in a world dominated by the white cocks 

so many bitches just talk and talk but do they walk the walk I highly think not 

Got my ounce of the best fuckin’ Santa Cruz pot and dabbin’ that crystalline hot 

I’m the lyrical hotshot with the rebellious onslaught about to hit the jackpot 

cuz I’m sexy, sassy, classy, and just a little bit nasty but not flashy 

guess what you won’t even see me twerk for the muthafuckin’ jerks that’s trashy 

if you wanna be a fuckin’ stripper drop your zipper don’t try to spit like me 

Cuz I’m gonna be famous for my rap abilities not my ass and titties   

I put G’s on their fuckin’ knees cuz I know more about smokin’ trees 

Than the dispensaries they got three sativa strains named after me 

and there’s no takin’ me to task cuz I’m bringin’ my head stash 

and inhalin’ the hash and flowin’ in the muthafuckin’ cash   

(Refrain x 2)   

“Never Comin’ Down” published by Jason Porter Collinsworth & Lara Marie Collinsworth (BMI)

©2017 Jason Porter Collinsworth and Lara Marie Collinsworth. All rights reserved.