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Let's Light It Up!

On the Party Bus!

Hey! Hey!

Let's Light it up!

Party Bus [Explicit]

Party Bus [Clean]

Summer Dazed & The Gateway Affect- Cali Grrrl

Track list

1 We’re High Society ft. The Gateway Affect 

2 Slippery Slide  

3 Cali Grrrl  

4 Firefly  

5 Bong Bounce  

6 Island Blues  

7 Exes & Hos  

8 Ghostin’   

9 Livin’ in Paradise  

10 Silverwhite  

11 Never Comin’ Down  

12 Stand with Me (Freestyle) 

13 More Than a Girl  



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We're High Society ft. The Gateway Affect

Slippery Slide

Cali Grrrl


Bong Bounce

Island Blues

Exes & Hos


Livin' in Paradise


Never Comin' Down

Stand with Me

More Than a Girl

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