Ghostin' [Explicit]


written by L. Collinsworth and J. Collinsworth   


Every hit I’m ghostin’ 

Ghostin’ the fuckin’ green 

I’m ghostin’ 

Every hit I’m ghostin’ 

Ghostin’ the fuckin’ green 

Every weekend   

There’s no moon in sight tonight, just the hype 

Got bud, my love and my favorite glass pipe 

Tokin’ the tight Ghost OG phenotype


Drivin’ real slow gettin’ outta this town  

Goin’ to my show with my shit to get down 

with my West Coast sound, my lyrics abound    

I’m gettin’ roasted exhalin’ some Ghost 

Then spit rhymes that make you feel fuckin’ dosed 

Ride with me tonight on the Cali Coast   

(Refrain x 2)   

Up on stage muthafuckas be ragin’ 

Lights strobin’ I’m flowin’ words from my pages 

Bud smoke hazes everyone’s masked faces   

People be dancin’ like they’re in love trances 

Curves makin’ you dream of wild romances 

Live life deliberately and make chances   


“Ghostin’” published by Jason Porter Collinsworth & Lara Marie Collinsworth (BMI)   

©2017 Jason Porter Collinsworth and Lara Marie Collinsworth. All rights reserved.