Exes & Hos Lyrics [Explicit]


written by L. Collinsworth and J. Collinsworth

Refrain (x 2) 

Walkin’ down this town

‘n’ all I see when I look around is 


exes and hos 


these fuckers are exes and hos   

You neva really knew me for me just the lady I was pretendin’ to be 

Don’t call me by that other name cuz I’m not your Betty my name is Summer D  

and all I fuckin’ see are cronies, these fake-ass phonies thinkin’ that they know me 

Just because you muthafuckas once thought you knew who the fuck I was doesn’t mean 

You actually know who I am where I’ve fuckin’ been ‘n’ what I’ve fuckin’ seen

completely abandoned by all my family with everyone I fuckin’ knew  

mad at me cuz they can’t handle the reality of what is acutely true 

Don’t chide this is the real person inside that I’ve always been not somebody new 

  (Refrain x 2)   

Just because you used to know me doesn’t give you the fuckin’ right to approach me

Buddy, you don’t even know what the fuck they did to me to make me this bloody 

I put my gloves on and was gonna fight in the UFC like Ronda Rousey  

instead I decided to pick up the mic ‘n’ spit venom like X and Em ya see 

this Valkyrie fire burnin’ inside me is blowin’ the fuck up all over town 

I spent my whole life tryin’ to shut it down but now it’s my shinin’ golden crown 

cuz nobody gets to fuck with me or my G expectin’ to come out unscathed 

from a blaze of rage stronger than an F-5 on a sunny day in OK   

(Refrain x 2)   

Let me be the first to remind you that for five years you all had your fuckin’ chance 

Whether by circumstance or happenstance it all became some kind of dance 

but let me tell you muthafuckas in advance don’t even expect a side glance 

cuz I have no love for the hos or my supposed bros that left me in the cold 

Let me be bold, I will not be controlled or outsold cuz I know I’m gold 

got a love bond to uphold so strong that its made of adamantium 

because I’m platinum and titanium get that through your gold diggin’ cranium 

this is my stadium my love goes to my kids my man my fans and my freedom   

(Refrain x 4)    

“Exes & Hos” published by Jason Porter Collinsworth & Lara Marie Collinsworth (BMI)   

©2017 Jason Porter Collinsworth and Lara Marie Collinsworth. All rights reserved.