Cali Grrrl [Explicit]


written by L. Collinsworth and J. Collinsworth

Refrain (x 2) 

I’m the it girl, the get lit girl, the real shit girl (the Cali grrrl)

 I’m the sass girl, the badass girl, with real class girl (the Cali grrrl) 

I’m the fly girl, the get high girl, the drink Chai girl (the Cali grrrl) 

I make heads swirl, I make toes curl, I rule my world (the Cali grrrl)   

I’m the lovely Summer Dazed It’s high time for you to be muthafuckin’ amazed 

at my uncanny ability to raise  the bar while gettin’ way fuckin’ blazed 

Just don’t mar all these sexy sunny days  or be fuckin’ with my Cali sun rays 

Cuz I’m gonna make your head twirl and whirl when you enter my muthafuckin’ world 

I might be crass and spit way too fast but I got high class and blaze the goo ‘n’ grass

high as fuck droppin’ all of that Cali grrrl sass 

I’m a lyricist from the beautiful West Coast  so white that I could be a ghost 

I like syrupy sweet sativa hybrids the most  with buds so big they need a post 

You know I like my nugs tight, G  high in THC, CBD, and CBG 

Why don’t you come sit with me, sip some tea, then get a little fuckin’ lit with me 

We can talk about the hypnotic shit we see like the psychedelics of the sea 

and the euphoric way it all should fuckin’ be



I used to be so underground and downtown bound but not makin’ a fuckin’ sound 

Now I’m ready to spit, pound this shit get you fuckin’ bit, twit, lit with my quick wit 

not my tits. They call me a wiz, ace a pop quiz,  I don’t intend to make guys jizz 

by smokin’ in wet pink panties tryin’ to be some hot internet fantasy 

nor bake flake brownies for the fake-ass townies or give fast nookie for the cookies

If that’s all you are, you can’t go far, you’re subpar 

because I’m writin’ and lightin’ fightin’ my way through life like a fuckin’ Titan 

a Viking vixen with contradiction  expert diction and insane conviction 

My rhymes are enlightening insight, tight-and-fast and these are my real tits and ass

a true redhead, fuck, that’s enough said I only rap the crazy shit in my head 

call me a bitch and I won’t twitch it’s time for you to ditch the snitch and flip the switch 

Get the point? Roll a big-ass muthafuckin’ joint   

I’m the it girl 

the get lit girl 

the real shit girl  

the Cali grrrl 

I’m the sass girl 

the badass girl 

with real class girl 

the Cali grrrl   

Now it’s high time for me to craze and raze this maze in a fuckin’ dazed blaze of haze 

fuck histrionic prohibitionist rhetoric so tired of ignorant pricks 

that think you have to have a dick and a dim wit not have tits or be a cute chick 

to know what the fuck an isolated terp is lots of women in the bud biz 

but as far as I can see none can rap or write like me much less get a fuckin’ degree 

while smokin’ my way through the valley  and out to Haight-Ashbury 

I’m not balkin’ at your shit-talkin’, quit stalkin’  Get outta here and keep walkin’ 

I be blazin’ trees and sweet leaves out in Cali that’s why they all call me Summer D

the Cali grrrl 

the Cali grrrl 

the Cali grrrl 

  the Cali grrrl   

Cuttin’ this hypocrite wire of ire from liars that mires and trips the fire of desire 

I’m gonna break that glass ceilin’, leavin’ you reelin’ It’s your breath that I’ll be stealin’ 

with these hits from my bubblin’ Chong bong while you play this bomb-ass song and rap along 

Tokin’ on some sweet LG solvent-less honey. Remember me I’m Summer D

 (Refrain x 2)   

“Cali Grrrl” published by Jason Porter Collinsworth & Lara Marie Collinsworth (BMI)   

©2017 Jason Porter Collinsworth and Lara Marie Collinsworth. All rights reserved.